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CES Government 2015 Conference Theme:

CES Government. January 4-6, 2015

Highly interactive presentations and discussions exploring answers to questions of innovation, acquisition and how these affect information protection. Some of our country's most influential government and business leaders will participate.

  • Does government get the latest technologies it needs efficiently? Do today's acquisition processes support the introduction and use of new technologies to address government missions?
  • The Federal government is the world’s largest buyer of technology. Does its law and regulatory matrix recognize the potential impact government can have in encouraging the larger American innovation economy?
  • What is the role of the government CTO today and how does this role compare to private sector CTO management models?
  • Is it time for a CTO statute linking innovation and acquisition? What would such a statute include? What are the differences between a CTO and CIO? In government? In industry?
  • What are some of the world's best examples of managing security threats in government and large enterprises?
  • What are the individual, corporate, indeed government, liabilities of major security breaches? What is the threat to national security? What are the punishments for perpetrators? What are the issues of jurisdiction?

The setting encouraged interactions between speakers and attendees. The activities enabled new and important relationships between those who make and those who execute technology law, rule and policy.

Why is this Conference Different?

With its ten-year history, CES Government today is recognized by many as the premier conference on policy issues driving technology applications in government and large critical infrastructure sectors.

CES Government (CESG) is the only enterprise IT conference held during and in partnership with the world's most prestigious technology trade show: International CES (ICES).  Against this ICES backdrop, CES Government builds the industry’s most unique mix of content, attendee demographic and informal networking.


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