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CES Government 2014 Conference Theme:

CES Government. January 5-7, 2014 CES Government. Cyber Security Threats. Personal, Economic and National Security.

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Unprecedented, technology-driven and highly interactive, CESG 2014 program significantly advances the conference's nine-year evolution as the premier business and policy forum on issues driving the application of advanced technologies to priority government and commercial missions.

CES Government 2014 focuses on the global cyber threat and its expansive reach to government, industry and critical economic infrastructure. Today's cyber threat is global and touches all sectors of society; it is expansive, dangerous and exploding in its capacity to cripple vital government, electronic commerce, and infrastructure operations. We will examine personal, economic and national security as it relates to the energy, finance, communications, and technology industries.

Gartner predicts that global spending on information security will total over $64 billion in 2013 and expects it to grow on average, 8.7% annually through 2017.

At the World's Largest Technology Showcase

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CESG is the only conference held in partnership with the world's largest and most prestigious technology showcase: International CES.

All CES Government registrants have access to International CES, bringing together more than 4,000 exhibitors and nearly 150,000 attendees from businesses worldwide, government agencies, non-governmental organizations and the media.

CESG 2014 participation is strictly limited and by invitation only to enable substantive dialogue among top business and government leaders. As part of this very unique forum, you will have the opportunity to share in candid, unprecedented dialogue and build important relationships.

CESG 2014 brings together world-renowned experts, key decision makers from industry and government, officials who must create cyber law and policy, and those who rely on this new and rapidly evolving framework. It will be three days of honest and dynamic interaction, as part of the world’s most prestigious technology trade show - International CES.

Unprecedented Business Opportunities

Short- to long-term Federal cyber security investments will be driven by:
  • Ever-increasing number and severity of cyber attacks,
  • Dramatic expansion in computer interconnectivity and the exponential increase in the data flows and computing power of the government networks;
  • Perception of the U.S. adversaries that the United States is dependent on information technology and that this dependency constitutes an exploitable weakness;
  • Developments in the existing cyber security approaches and technologies and emergence of new technologies and approaches.

CESG Will Address Global Cyber Security Risks

  • Eroding US Economic and National Security
  • Information Control and Internet Governance
  • Financial and banking Cyber Crime
  • Terrorism and Transnational Organized Crime
  • Evolving Homeland Threat Landscape
  • Threats to US Government Supply Chains
  • Natural Resources: Insecurity and Competition - Food, Water
  • Threats to personal privacy and identity management
  • Endangered Intellectual Property

Today's threat matrix: Personal, Economic, and National Security

Threat matrix

Vital national and global interests are at the intersection of the threat matrix and are the biggest targets. The safety and economy of nations hinge on these Industry Sectors:

  • Energy. Electrical Grid, Nuclear Power, Oil & Natural Gas...
  • Finance. Banking, Stocks, Privacy, Fraud, Personal and Professional...

CESG 2014 Topics: Issues, Trends and Technologies

The Global Reach of Today's Cyber Threat Matrix
  • Personal information, economic espionage, critical infrastructure, national security
  • China: How Real the Danger?
Managing a Major Breach
  • Detection, Response, Prevention
  • You've already been hacked. Protection Strategies.
Information Protection Case Studies and Panels
  • Government
  • Industry - Energy, Financial
Protecting Critical Infrastructure: Who, Where, How
  • Energy
  • Financial Institutions
Cyber Market Analysis
  • Who is spending what
  • Technologies and trends
Cyber Liability
  • Evolving legal and legislative environment
  • Personal, corporate, government
Washington Forecast: The Year Ahead
  • Major Policies
  • Budget
  • Election Outlook


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