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About Upson Technology Group

UTG provides custom consulting services led by some of the industry's most recognized professionals. The company produces the industry's premier annual policy summit (CES Government) and manages the Government Business Executive Forum (GBEF) - an exclusive organization of business leaders focused on government and large commercial enterprise customers. Together, these constitute the UTG business platform, a platform that enables high-impact, unique and creative opportunities for companies, business leaders and government officials.

Advise, Connect, Facilitate, Execute...

  • Create and expand opportunities at the decision maker level
  • Enter or expand into public sector markets (Federal, State and Local Levels)
  • Navigate a changing government market landscape
  • Build substance-based relationships between clients, partners, customers
  • Identify contract/procurement vehicles, partners and then execute against designed campaigns
  • Create for individual executives comprehensive and visible market presence to include relationship, speaking, customer, partner, media and political
  • Leverage UTG business platform: experience, Government Business Executive Forum, CES
  • Design multi-pronged programs, leadership summits and integrated events

Custom Consulting Services: Knowledge and relationships count in every business and UTG’s unique platform integrates these into every client engagement. Engagements are project-based and developed side-by-side clients. Milestones are agreed and set so that progress can be measured and assured. Results over rhetoric, execution over power point, creative over tired and copied: UTG seeks to grow with clients and so the company is careful to ensure its capabilities are compatible with and for both parties.

CES Government in its 9th year, CES Government stands today as the premier policy forum bringing together industry executives and government officials each year for substantive discussion and interaction against a selected theme. This exclusive conference is held in partnership as part of the world's most prestigious global technology trade show: International CES, which draws more than 150,000 technology professionals, 6,000 media and more than 4,000. The CES Government conference theme is selected annually and reflects timely issues or missions driven by technology applications in government and major industry sectors. Attendance is by invitation and is restricted to 150 industry leaders or senior government officials so as to ensure substantive interaction and high value for the attendee and speaker demographic.

The Government Business Executive Forum (GBEF): is a business organization of distinguished business leaders whose primary focus is the application of technology to government and large commercial enterprises. Its program is set each year and includes three program briefings, three legislative briefings built against Congress' budget and funding calendar and select activities often held in partnership with the Consumer Electronics Association and International CES.

The GBEF focus is member value through high-quality information provided through program meetings featuring prominent speakers and commissioned research, and opportunities to build new or advance existing relationships with industry colleagues, government officials and leaders from commercial sectors directly connected to government through regulation or mission.

It is important to note that the GBEF is not an advocacy association. Its mission is to advance the business and career pursuits of its membership.

The GBEF serves as the Board of Advisors for CES Government and is substantially involved in the conference’s annual theme selection and invitation process. Special GBEF activities are incorporated into CES Government.